Hi, I’m Rey, author of afterbirth and the upcoming fantasy novel Field Guide to the Fae. I spend most of my time crafting words into wonderful worlds.

Meet the author

Rey Muir has written their own fiction and fantasy stories since elementary school when she spent her days trapped inside a large old church. A realized potential in poetry began with the small habit of making up secret songs for the wind, to be carried on a breeze or sung underneath breaths. With their heart belonging to the wildflowers of Rocky Mountains, Rey is a keen daydreamer and lover of the cosmos. Afterbirth is her self-published debut title. You can befriend Rey online via Twitter @reyabooks

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pinterest boards to inspire your writing

this blog post is a catalog of my niche pinterest boards that are great for writing inspiration. I update as this page I create new ones! Give me a follow for more aesthetic boards and ideas for writers. whimsical characters dark academia places vintage books words thank you for checking out this page!

ADHD Friendly advice for writers

As a writer, truly helpful advice that causes growth in my skill is hard to come by. In this post I would like to share some of my best personal writer’s advice… … I also have ADHD and struggle with focus and time management, so I have learned a few helpful tricks and ways to…