pinterest boards to inspire your writing

this blog post is a catalog of my niche pinterest boards that are great for writing inspiration. I update as this page I create new ones! Give me a follow for more aesthetic boards and ideas for writers. whimsical characters dark academia places vintage books words thank you for checking out this page!

ADHD Friendly advice for writers

As a writer, truly helpful advice that causes growth in my skill is hard to come by. In this post I would like to share some of my best personal writer’s advice… … I also have ADHD and struggle with focus and time management, so I have learned a few helpful tricks and ways to…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Rey, author of the upcoming fantasy novel Field Guide to the Fae. I spend most of my time crafting words into worlds. This blog is a space where I share my journey to becoming a professional writer and self-published author.

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“We have all been stray birds…”

– fIeld Guide to the fae


Find yourself on a poetic pathway through dreamworlds, fantastic realities and natural tragedies from the mind of Rey Muir and their a sometimes dark imagination

get whimsically twisted within the stories of this accessible debut poetry book coming in Autumn

Pre-order release date: October 7th 2021
Launch date: October 17th 2021

Field Guide

to the Fae

[ synopsis to come ]