pinterest boards to inspire your writing

this blog post is a catalog of my niche pinterest boards that are great for writing inspiration. I update as this page I create new ones! Give me a follow for more aesthetic boards and ideas for writers. whimsical characters dark academia places vintage books words thank you for checking out this page!

ADHD Friendly advice for writers

As a writer, truly helpful advice that causes growth in my skill is hard to come by. In this post I would like to share some of my best personal writer’s advice…
… I also have ADHD and struggle with focus and time management, so I have learned a few helpful tricks and ways to navigate the life of a writer over time.

The cover design evolution for a poetry book

When I first began thinking of a concept for my cover I found myself scrolling through Pinterest having searched for “vintage book cover”, “antique book cover,” and simply “poetry book cover”. I loved so many different designs but nothing inspired me like I was hoping. I decided to draw inspiration from the title Afterbirth, andContinue reading “The cover design evolution for a poetry book”